Umdali Visual & Performing Art’s vision is to be the leading designated educator in all current art disciplines in the category of the Performing Arts – Music and Dance and Visual Arts nationally.  Our aim is to deliver dynamic and skilled artists and performers who have gained excellence in training in their chosen field who possess the technical and creative dimensions to influence and inspire the creative industry.  The Creative Arts has been birthed by Umdali; meaning Creator, where we strive to re-position all art forms to its original Maker following His designed blue-print.

If you are interested in the Visual Arts, we also offer it as an extra school subject with University Exemption.  

The thinking that all you can do with training in the creative is to teach or starve belongs to the past. We are entering a New Era of CREATIVE with a difference!  New career opportunities are being discovered constantly in the world of Visual Arts!  Buzz terms like “digital designer” and “app designer” innovative thinkers are changing the creative landscape.  Visual Arts as an extra career to enter into these exciting fields as well as entering into: Graphic Design, Animation, Game Design, Interior or Fashion Designer and many more.  Umdali Visual and Performing Arts offers Visual Arts CAPS (School syllabus Grade 10-12).  Approved by the Gauteng Department of Education

Our foundational aim and goal to achieve with the students at Umdali Visual & Performing Arts are to develop them by using an individual approach:

1. Focus on the individual student
Training them step-by-step monitoring their progress

2. Individual artists in training also should have purpose and goals
Keeping this in mind, we aim to deliver a product through our training in which we will cultivate this specific principle to our students to strive to become confident and purpose driven artists; who will learn to use their instruments, to dance and create an artwork not only to show skill but also to start carrying an inner conviction and desire to influence with their God-given talents and to become a positive voice to their surrounding environments