Smartphone Photography - Learning Outcomes

This 6 week course will help you skillfully take stunning smartphone photos confidently. Suited for both beginner & seasoned enthusiasts

6 modules (1 hour per week)

Requirements: A smartphone with working camera

Who is this Course for?
This photography course is for both the beginner or seasoned photographer
Whether you own a smartphone, SLR or mirrorless Camera, you will not only learn new techniques but also get an opportunity to practice your new skills.

  • Introduction to Mobile Photography for both beginner & seasoned enthusiasts
  • Skills learnt on this course can also be applied with a SLR or mirrorless Camera
  • Secrets to take your average snaps to professional studio photos
  • Mastering the photographers eye
  • Maximizing the creativity process
  • Best photography apps to use
  • Lighting & exposure
  • Composition in extreme conditions
  • What’s in my Gear bag (smartphone)
  • Making money out of your photography
  • Taming the light barrier
  • Breaking the rules
  • Editing Tips & Secrets
  • Studios setup hacks
  • Colour vs black & white
  • Subject Connections
  • Maximizing phone camera features
  • Revolutionize your selfies
  • Make your images speak for themselves
  • Different styles of photography will change the rules
  • Adapt or miss the shot
  • Helping you develop your own style
  • Importance of grids
  • Increase your exposure