CAPS School Subject Grade 10-12


What is Visual Arts?
We follow the Visual Arts GDE approved CAPS syllabus in which we need to cover certain amount of practical work as well as art theory. The Visual Arts subject has University Exemption
Visual Arts covers a broad field of creative practice that involves the hand, the eye, the intellect and the imagination in conceptualising and creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks, objects and environments which reflect the aesthetic, conceptual and expressive concerns of individuals or groups

Learners acquire the capacity to make practical and aesthetic decisions in the development of a coherent body of work. The subject Visual Arts is about self-expression and offers learners a way to engage meaningfully with, and respond to, their world. It provides opportunities to stimulate and develop learners’ intellect, engaging their creative imagination through visual and tactile experiences and the innovative use of materials and technology in realising their ideas.

It also encourages learners to develop an individual visual language and literacy, which is informed and shaped by the study of visual culture, past and present.

Specific aims
Grade 10-12 Visual Arts learners aim to:
• Explore, develop and realise creative ideas in response to both externally set and self-generated projects, drawing on own experience and own knowledge of visual culture in the past and present;
• Explore and manipulate materials, techniques, processes and technology in the making of imaginative and innovative artworks of personal expression;
• Explore materials, processes and techniques in an efficient, economical, safe and responsible way;
• Manage own working process;
• Observe, assess and analyse art forms, processes and products;
• Communicate effectively using visual, oral and written language skills;
• Critically appraise own work and that of others;
• Develop entrepreneurial skills and professional practice within art to explore a variety of career options;
• Be exposed to the diversity of visual arts traditions in international and Southern African contexts and use it as a resource;
• Appreciate the critical role visual arts plays in the enrichment of the visual environment of the school and community;
• Understand the links between visual arts and the creative industries, such as design and advertising; and
• Understand the social and historical role of visual arts in transforming societies

Students get the opportunity to showcase their growth and development in our Student Showcase evening throughout the year

Homework and application of techniques learned in class
Perm term the learners will work on a PAT Brief (practical) with preparation work to be done before the time in their source book. I will hand out the brief with deadline dates in which each task needs to be accomplished in order not to fall behind. It is required from this course that the learners diligently spend time on projects and work at home in order to meet the deadlines
• Examinations & Internal Assessments
The practical consist out of the Source Book -50 marks and the practical work – 50 marks – Total 100 marks –
Topic 1- Source Book & Topic 2 – Painting/Drawing
Topic 3 – Visual Literacy (Theory) They will write a termly test and have an internal exam in June and at the end of the year

In grade 12 the learner and teacher will follow the Gauteng Dep of Educations policy and program in order to pass according to their requirements and have a Visual Arts mark written on their final Higher Certificate Report


Required art materials to purchase for class
– Grade 10-11 one A3 size Visual Arts Diary; Grade 12 A2 size
– Per term one A2 size canvas
– Assorted sizes paintbrushes, thick haired and fine haired- All brushes to be flat shaped
– Acrylic paints: red hue, yellow hue, blue hue, white, black, different shades of browns, orange, pink, green, turquoise, purple (primary colours only are not enough to enjoy variety of mixing colours
– Plastic Palette for colour mixing
– Plastic mobile container to transport all art materials. (plastic basket)
– Old cloths
– Extra for other projects
– Glue
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Pencils (2B, 4B, 6B, 8B)
– 2 x Charcoal pencils, black and white
– Eraser
– Fixative (Art shops)
– Colour pastels set of 24 colours
– A3 Paper drawing pad

Required books to be purchased
Hand-Book: R360 (subject to change) will be ordered for you once payment is received
The prescribed Visual Arts Learner guide Grade 10, 11 or 12
E-Book available:

Class Times & Venue:
Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
Venue: Marais Viljoen High School & 90 Piercy Avenue, Parkhill Gardens, Germiston