Hip Hop & Contemporary

Hip Hop – Learning Outcomes 

  • The aim of this course is to present students an overall understanding of hip-hop with regards to
  • Its historical origin and hip hop dance technique.
  • Built onto this foundation is the freedom of movement and the strength found in hip-hop dance technique.
  • This includes basic elements of dance such as balance, posture, energy, rhythm and dimensions.
  • Hip hop dance theory and human anatomy

Contemporary – Learning Outcomes

  • Developing, strengthening and understanding dance technique
  • Develop in style and performance
  • Cultivating musicality; counting of music and learning rhythm
  • Encouraging and developing conceptual creativity and development as an artist
  • Preparing student to train other dancers i.e developing own choreographic skills
  • Understanding of the human body in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Learning Dance Theory
  • Learning the importance of Dance Principles
  • Learning what it means to Worship God through the arts
  • Learning the difference between ministry and performance

Accreditation & Fees

We make use of South African Body Of Dance (SABOD) syllabus, a national and international accreditation syllabus. Our students are assessed and prepared for dance grading examinations. (SABOD is affiliated with the International Dance Organisation)

R300 Once off Registration

2020 Pricing
30 min   R700 per month
45 min   R750 per month
60 min   R800 per month

*Fees subject to change

Classes presented in Lambton