Fine Arts

The course consists of the following:
  • To gain an understanding of the fundamentals of drawing as a subject in Visual Arts.
  • Analysing a work of art according to the elements of art and
  • the principles of design.
  • Strengthening eye-hand co-ordination by means of
  • productive technical drawing exercises developing accurate observation.
  • Gaining the ability to draw accurate proportional drawings
  • of portraits, figure, hands and feet, objects in still-life.
  • Measurement drawing techniques.
  • To gain an understanding of the fundamentals of painting as a subject in Visual Arts
  • Painting techniques, colour mixing and creating texture with paint.
  • Understanding and interpretation of visual language in visual art.
  • Gaining knowledge of the development and history of art through the ages.
  • Development of creative and conceptual thinking in visual art.
Information & Fees

Come learn all different facets of fine arts, the technical side that trains you how to draw and paint as well as how to increase your passion to create and use art as a communication tool.

Develop eye-hand co-ordination in order to draw what you see, learn about what the elements of art (line, texture, space, colour, tone, movement etc.) is and how to use them in order to create an artwork.

R300 Once off Registration

2020 Pricing
90 min   R800 per month
* Fees subject to change