Unrivalled academic grounding

Like all Rockschool syllabi, Rockschool Music Production was built with academic grounding and industry relevance in mind. Every practical, theoretical and aural test has been written and developed by industry professionals to give students an unrivalled level of academic grounding and understanding.

Unparalleled industry relevance

Tireless work with industry specialists and education professionals to ensure the Rockschool Music Production syllabus assesses industry fundamentals. From a diverse range of production techniques, to highly relevant technical DAW skills, the 2016 syllabus gives aspiring engineers and producers everything they need to progress and succeed in the industry.

Enhance your skills

Designed to meet the needs of all aspiring recording engineers, electronic music producers, mix engineers and mastering engineers, Rockschool Music Production caters for anyone interested in understanding the complete range of techniques and skills essential to modern music production.

Accreditation & Fees

We make use of the Rock School Syllabus, a national and international accredited syllabus. Our students are assessed and prepared for music grading examinations.

R300 Once off Registration

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Classes presented in Parkhill Gardens