Hip Hop – Learning Outcomes 

  • The aim of this course is to present students an overall understanding of hip-hop with regards to
  • Its historical origin and hip hop dance technique.
  • Built onto this foundation is the freedom of movement and the strength found in hip-hop dance technique.
  • This includes basic elements of dance such as balance, posture, energy, rhythm and dimensions.
  • Hip hop dance theory and human anatomy

Contemporary – Learning Outcomes

  • Developing, strengthening and understanding dance technique
  • Develop in style and performance
  • Cultivating musicality; counting of music and learning rhythm
  • Encouraging and developing conceptual creativity and development as an artist
  • Preparing student to train other dancers i.e developing own choreographic skills
  • Understanding of the human body in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Learning Dance Theory
  • Learning the importance of Dance Principles
  • Learning what it means to Worship God through the arts
  • Learning the difference between ministry and performance

Accreditation & Fees

We make use of South African Body Of Dance (SABOD) syllabus, a national and international accreditation syllabus. Our students are assessed and prepared for dance grading examinations. (SABOD is affiliated with the International Dance Organization)

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Classes presented in Parkhill Gardens, Germiston & Die Wilgers, Pretoria